DIY Vintage Inspired Seahorses

Lately, I've seen some amazing DIY projects using- plastic dinosaurs and other plastic figurines, so why not seahorses? While browsing google search one night, I fell in love with these vintage sea horse pins! I wanted them.. I decided to create something very similar..

Inspiration! Absolutely LOVE the vintage look ;)

What you will need:

Plastic Sea Creatures (Dollar Tree, product may vary by location)
Nail polish
Clear Nail Polish
Hair Clips OR Pins (JoAnn Fabrics)
Xacto Knife or Sharp Cutting Tool
Gold Paint or Gold Sharpie Marker
Hot Glue Gun
White Acrylic Paint


First we must prep the seahorse for cutting. Heat a cup of water in the microwave for about 3mins. Remove from microwave and place seahorse at bottom, allow soaking for 5-7mins. This will soften the plastic making it easier for cutting. Carefully remove sea creature with spoon, dry with washcloth.

WARNING: The next step is disturbing! (haha) Stab the seahorse in the center, where the line of molding meets. Carefully continue to stab and slide with your cutting tool. Remove half of the body, leaving the head and tail untouched. The purpose of this step is to create a flat surface to allow easier attachment later on.

Next prime your seacreature with a few coats of white acrylic paint, the more coats the better! After paint has completely dried, apply your first coat of nail polish. This will take a lot time and patience! The lighter the shade, the more coats you will most likely apply. You may also, try a spray paint or acrylic paints but I wanted a lacquered look, in which I can't take credit for, got the idea from here. After your first coat has dried, apply another coat and continue this process until your seahorse is covered, front & back. Now you are ready to outline the lines of your seahorse with a gold paint, gold sharpie, or gold glitter glue, however the gold paint will add a vintage affect.

After all paint has dried, apply a few coats of clear nail polish. Allow to dry, (yes more patience) Now you are ready to hot glue your finished product! Cover the flat back section (we cut earlier) with hot glue and place it on a hair clip or any other accessories of your choice.