Inspirational Women In This Day In Age

Times are definitely changing. Even though we are still inspired by famous icons such as Betty Page & Marilyn Monroe, women are going beyond looks and sex appeal.. brains. Not to say a woman never used her brain; we are living in an era where both men & women are aspired to become something greater. With technology growing rapidly, internet has become a number one tool to outsourcing information. We have the ability to advertise with the click of button. Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, work for us as "little messengers" disseminating our ideas and thoughts to individuals all over the world. Many people today are taking advantage of social media to promote themselves to a higher level. With a shaky economy and lack of employment, we strive to become our own boss. The internet allows you to become who you want to be; only some have better success with this..


Maegan Tintari

Owner/Creator at ...love Maegan

While, you may find her golden locks and photography skills intriguing; Maegan goes deeper than that..

A Los Angeles native woman with an artistic vision~ Maegan, captures her world of fashion, decor, and love for her husband & two pugs. It all began working for a local art dealer >> owning her own company >> becoming a professional blogger & inspirational public figure. Maegan's descriptive/informative literature skills and her ability to transform a designers work-of-art into her very own masterpiece, are just a few of her talents; which truly describes her as a modern, Jane-of-all-trades. Maegan Tintari currently has more than 11K likes on her Facebook page and almost 20k social media web feeds. Not to mention the hundreds which may have discovered her, yet to credit her! How dare they! Mrs. Tintari has announced to release her first book in 2013~ "Rock Your Assets: How to Dress your Body Type to Become a Fashion Goddess".

For more info-

please visit: http://www.lovemaegan.com/

Laura Byrnes

President at pinupgirlclothing
Est~ 1999

Surrounded by talented models, we can't forget the bombshell behind the scenes..

After attending college in the state of New York and taking in critiquing from professional photographers; the lovely Laura Byrnes had enough aspiration to go her own way. In hopes to become a professional photographer, she became a self-taught clothing designer. After taking sewing lessons from her Mother-in-law; Laura began sewing for her daughter and close friends. It was then her husband purchased a book on html and launched an online clothing boutique. Pinup Girl Clothing (AKA- PUG) was one of the first retro-inspired virtual shops available online. Since, Laura has become her own photographer >> designer of the latest line- Black Label >> opened a physical retail store located in Burbank California. Byrnes unique eye for design and her competency to incorporate vintage into contemporary; considers her the ultramodern queenbee of fashion. PUG's Facebook page currently has 439k likes and counting.  

For more info-

Please visit: http://www.pinupgirlclothing.com/ & http://www.rockabilly-online.com/?p=2430

Marlena Stell

Founder/CEO at Makeupgeek

Even though you see a colorful canvas, her true colors come from within..

Starting with a musical foundation to make-up foundation; Marlena Stell has inspired many with her step-by-step makeup tutorials on Youtube.com Viewers are enthralled by her charismatic charm and inventive techniques. In a short amount of time, Marlena became a freelance makeup artist and makeup educator. Beginning with a camera in her own home >> forming a makeup website/forum >> developing her own cosmetic line. Miss Stell is also known for her driven-strength during a dramatic weight loss. There's really no stopping this woman, giving up is never an option. Aside from her inner qualities, Marlena Stell is the contempo Goddess of color. Makeupgeek's Facebook Page, currently has over 89K likes and over 535K youtube subscribers.

For more info-

Please visit: www.makeupgeek.com & http://simplymarlena.com/

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