DIY Pumpkin Elbows!

Add a touch of Fall to your wardrobe with pumpkin elbows!

You may have seen the adorable heart elbow (by honestlywtf.com) on Pinterest right? If not you can view it by clicking here. I fell in love with this idea but instead of using hearts, I demanded pumpkins!

All Fall/Winter clothes have been shoved in a drawer.. could you tell?

What you will need:

Felt (I purchased already assembled, but you can create your own) @ JoAnns
Needle & Thread


While sweatshirt is still on, place a piece of masking tape on the elbows. Remove sweatshirt and place your pumpkins next to masking tape. Remove masking tape and apply pumpkin decal. The purpose of masking tape is to mark your spot to make both elbows match. You can also try using measuring tape, but I didn't find it necessary.

Roll sleeves to allow easier access for your needle and thread. Try to match color of thread as closely to the color of felt as possible. Begin hand sewing pumpkin to sweater. Sew within and around the border of pumpkin. If you don't know how to hand sew there are plenty of tutorials on youtube. Make sure your sewing is tightly secured. If you do not like my version of this tutorial, you may use the original, just simply use a pumpkin cookie cutter vs. heart cookie cutter. If you are using my felt version, I recommend handwashing or using a gentle cycle and hanging to dry.


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