DIY Halloween Earrings

Transform buttons into earrings!

I purchased a bag of Halloween buttons from Joann Fabrics, I don't remember how much it cost but it was fairly cheap and with an extra 40% off! Although I may eventually add some to clothing, I thought they would be cute as earrings!

What you will need:

Earring Studs/hooks
Tacky Glue

*all items purchased @ JoAnn Fabrics


Bat Drop Earrings

Cut wire to desired length, leave some slack for attaching the bat button and earring hook. Add beads, I added, what I call, ten "sprinkle beads" in gold. After beads are on, attach bat to bottom by streaming wire threw the back top hole.

Next stream wire threw the front hole to the back of bat button and wrap wire around the same wire beads are on until secure. Attach earring hook and wrap wire around the same wire beads are on, until most slack is used. Snip any pieces too small to bend.

The top of your earring should look like the earring on left. I didn't leave enough slack for the earring on the right, I will need to re-do this one.

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