Okay....... so I've been extremely busy lately, I've neglected my poor blog! I've been away working on my side business (gift baskets), I've had little time for my crafts.  This post is a little late, it was supposed to be for Thanksgiving BUT cleary I didn't make the deadline. Even though this project was inspired by the holidays, you can enjoy it all year. So here we go........

What you will need:

Spray Paint (any color)
Canvas ( I used wood but canvas is better)
Glue Gun
Plastic Utensils
Beads (optional)
Stencils (optional)
Tacky Glue (optional)
Picture Hardware for hanging


Position your utensils as desired. Carefully hot glue to board/canvas. Spray paint 2-3 coats or until all is covered, allow time for drying in between.

The next step is for 3D lettering, which of course is optional.

If you plan on 3D lettering, it's best to start prior to your utensils. Place stencil on canvas, fill lettering with tacky glue. Allow to dry and repeat 2x, on the 2nd time, allow glue to dry for 1 min and sprinkle lettering with beads (or anything else you can think of, get creative!) the beads add a 3D texture effect. Allow your bead lettering to dry before shaking excess beads. Spray paint lettering, allow to dry and finsh with a finishing spray if desired. Glue picture brackets to back and hang anywhere in your kitchen or dining room!



  1. Hi,

    I have been trying to learn art and get creative and I must say this is an inspiration. I am so happy to try it. Thanks

    1. Yeah, it's amazing what you can create with random things around the house! I really appreciate the positive feedback! Thank you for stopping by =)