DIY Halloweenie-Xmas Ornaments

I know it's not Halloween but what to do with all of the Halloween remnants? If you're an admirer of Tim Burton and The Nightmare Before Christmas, surely you will admire having pieces of Halloween on your Christmas tree!

What you will need:

Leftover Halloween Spider/Bat rings
Clear Plastic Ornaments (JoAnn Fabrics)
Glitter (DollarTree)
Spray Paint (Gold OR Silver)
Glue Gun
Small piece foil
Xmas Ribbon (optional)
String or Hooks


Cut ring portion from spider. Spray paint toys front & back until completely covered. I like to use a poster board from the dollar store to avoid getting spray paint on the ground.

After your paint has dried, squeeze the spider into the plastic ornament. This will only work if the spider is flexible, the thinner the plastic the better. Roll a piece of paper into a cone shape and secure with tape. Place your paper in the ornament to use as a funnel for the glitter. Add desired amount of glitter and arrange spider & glitter with a Q-tip if needed. If you have an ornament with a hole on top as pictured, glue a piece of foil and seal with a hot glue gun. This will prevent glitter from leaking out of your ornament, especially after the holidays when moved to storage. Now you are finished! Add christmas ribbon if desired, hang with a string or hook.

Happy Holidays X3

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