New Year Starburst Ornament

What you will need:

Bamboo Skewers (Walmart $1.50 100ct)
Gold Spray Paint or Acrylic Paint (Spray is quicker)
Glue Gun
Mod Podge
2 Circular Wood Chips (Joann Fabrics .29 ea)
Tacky Glue


Cut 4 skewers evenly into smaller sticks. Spray paint skewer sticks/circular wood pieces and allow to dry. Create New Year wording in paint or GIMP and print to paper. It may take a few times of resizing to get it right, but the wording should be smaller than your circle. You may also cut letters from magazines if you do not own a printer. Next, take your printed paper and trace around the circle. Cut circle and fix to wood by applying mod podge.

After mod podge has completely dried, punch a hole in top for your ribbon later on (I used a leather puncher). Next, arrange skewer sticks and hot glue 1 of 2 circular wood pieces. As soon as all skewers are glued into place, apply more glue and seal with the other circular wood piece. The skewers should be securely "sandwiched" between both circular wood pieces. Dip tips of skewers into mod podge, then into glitter. Shake excess glitter to avoid a mess. Use tacky glue and trace around the circle, apply glitter and shake.

Allow glue to dry overnight and string with ribbon. A useful tip to dry crafts safely: set craft on a glass cup to avoid sticking to a flat surface.


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